The "Box-X" frame

I wanted to explain my concept of the frame for the Santa Cruz Project in more detail.

In the picture below, the RED frame members are 6mm round carbon fiber tubing

The BLUE frame members are 3mm round carbon fiber rods (not hollow)

The LIGHT BLUE frame members are also 3mm carbon fiber rods.  They are shown in a different color because they extend from the ends of the "legs" back up toward the center of the craft..

The square in the center of the top view is the electronics platform ( I realize now that I'm going to have to make it a bit bigger).

The yellow in the side view are representations of the 4 batteries in their "chutes" made from thin carbon-fiber angle stock.

Not shown are:

The motor mounts made from carbon fiber.

The ESCs

The wiring tie-wrapped to the arms carrying power to the motors.

The 3-D printed parts that form the joints at the junctures of the carbon fiber pieces.

A test model cobbled together from 1/8 and 1/4" wooden dowels shows that the basic design of the airframe is very strong and stiff.Carbon fiber is stronger and stiffer than hardwood.