Motorzilla X 4

I got the new motors in, and bolted them to my Santa Cruz 'test' chassis.  The all up weight with a 5000mAH 4-Cell LIPO is 7.4 lbs.

When I was testing it out, I had an 8 lb weight tied to it. Before I was 3/4 throttle, it was trying to lift the weight! This thing is as strong as I thought it would be.

So I took it to a local park to give it a 'spin'.  It was not easy to fly.  The PID parameters of the controller were set for something with much less power.  I suppose the experience could best be described as having a Toyota Yaris driver take a spin in a Bugatti Veyron.

The big quad was very 'touchy' and wanted to climb at the slightest provocation. Still, I'm skilled enough (now) to fly it around without crashing.  One thing that I noticed - as powerful as this craft was, the combination of the inertia of the over 7 pound weight and the inertia of the big 16" props gives it noticeable throttle lag, kinda like turbo lag on a car. .  When it is hurtling toward the ground from some high altitude, you had better hit the throttle hard before it gets below 20-30' or you will have a pile of junk very, very soon. 

But when it gets going !!!!!  

I flew for 20 minutes and had quite a bit of battery left - YAY!  I'm on the right track.

Below is a picture, along with a 12" hammer so you can judge the scale.