Fat Shark

At the MEETUP 2 weeks ago, I saw some of the participants flying FPV with Fat Shark goggles.  I asked if I could try on a pair, and one guy let me.  We changed the transmitter channel on my little 6" (prop - 250mm frame) quad and got a picture. I put my little quad in the air, and wow!  It was neat, and it was scary.  Neat in that I could see everything in front of the craft.  Scary because I had no idea where the copter was in relationship to me. I need some experience before I'll be anywhere as good as several of the people there.

The fact that I wear +3 glasses for reading is also a problem:  The Fat Shark goggles were designed for people who don't wear glasses - or wear contacts.  When I took off my glasses and put on the Fat Sharks everything looked very blurry.  But the possibility of flying around obstacles and controlling the craft like a fighter pilot intrigued me.

So, I bought a pair of Fat Shark Dominator V2 googles and a "beta" radio, which allows me to tune to the same frequency as my BOSCAM transmitters. 

I went to Rite-Aid and bought a pair of +3 reading glasses.  I removed the lenses and cut them down to a suitable size for the Fat Sharks.  I put the lenses just behind the Fat Shark lenses and took a peek.  Although I haven't installed the added lenses permanently, the preliminary results are promising - very promising.