I was working on the details of my Santa Cruz Project and I was looking for some different motors.  By chance, I found a deal on line for some little 1804 (=tiny) motors.   $25 for 4, shipping included!   So I bought them.  I had a spare 250mm quad frame lying around, and I certainly have extra receivers, controllers (KK2, NAZE32, MiniAPM, CC3D) that I could put on it, so why not?  The only other thing that I would need would be props, and those are available in Santa Clara for less than $3 each.

I got the motors yesterday, and put them together with a KK2 controller, 6" props, 3Cell batteries, 30A ESCs (don't need them that big, but that is what I had.

I should mention that the motors are ZMR/RCX 1804 rated at 2300KV

With virtually no effort at all, the craft flies - and flies well.  I'm really impressed.