Altered reality

I was eager to try out my new FPV goggles.  So I went to the park and put my little 6" (prop) quad in the air.  The video was great.

But I had no idea of where I was in space. I so I reached up to remove my goggles.  

At that time, my remote control transmitter fell out of my hand.  The lanyard around my neck caught it, but not before it jammed the throttle to max.  

Did I ever mention that little quad climbs AWFULLY fast?  By the time I got my hands back on the controls, it was nearly out of sight.

Crisis #1 averted!

I tried again.  I put the glasses on and had a better Idea of where it was this time.  At least for awhile.  I went higher and higher.  So far so good.  Then I brought it back down.  But it comes down just as fast (probably faster) than it goes up.  At one moment I was at 150' altitude.  About a second later, I was at 6".  At the rate I was falling, the throttle did no good.  In fact, it was the wrong thing to do, since I hit the ground at full throttle.

Crisis #2 NOT averted!

I broke an "arm" on the frame.  Fortunately, I can print another.  But it is still a hassle to fix.  At least 2 hours of work.

It is going to take me a little while to learn to fly with my new goggles.  Hopefully, I won't break too many more things before then.